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ASEAN – EU Experiences in Higher Education Harmonisation – Study trip to Brussels, Ghent and Bonn

October, 2015, Bonn. ASEAN delegates, among them representatives from stakeholder organisations such as AUN and AQAN, representatives of universities, accreditation agencies, education ministries as well as the ASEAN Secretariat and the Senior Officials Meeting of Education, visited Brussels, Ghent and Bonn in order to meet their European counterparts and to discuss higher education harmonisation. DAAD, EUA and ENQA had jointly organised the study visit in order to establish a European-ASEAN experts as well as policy dialogue and to foster collaboration between ASEAN and Europe.

The range of visited institutions as well as input speakers has been broad. Representatives of the European Commission, of national education ministries, accreditation agencies, universities followed the invitation of the SHARE project. The discussions dealt with all important ingredients of higher education harmonisation, with the lessons learnt from Bologna as well as ASEAN’s state of play. Professor Sisamone, representing ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Education (SOM-ED) Chair, stated that he found the study trip is “a step towards harmonization”. The reports on European achievements as well as on challenges and obstacles have been appreciated as inspiration and encouragement to further harmonise ASEANs higher education landscape.

The ASEAN delegates now need to answer the question how applicable the European instruments and tools are in order to move forward towards deeper integration in ASEAN.

This policy as well as expert dialogue will be continued throughout the SHARE project. The next Policy Dialogue specifically dealing with degree structures will take place in Bangkok in February 2016. This Policy dialogue is part of series of Policy Dialogues involving stakeholder and decision maker in Higher Education landscape across ASEAN countries member.

Please see [here] for an article in DAAD Aktuell on the SHARE Study Visit.

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