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The project activities will strengthen the quality culture and provide common ground, and mutual trust, in ensuring and enhancing quality within national Higher Education systems, as well as at institutional levels. This will create quality education that lends itself to employability in a competitive labour market; making institutions more competitive and responsive, while enhancing students’ learning experience and contributing to their mobility. Results will enhance the quality of HE across ASEAN and link more closely with the demands of the labour market, and society in general.

Concrete goals are to foster the ASEAN Quality Assurance Framework in HE (AQAFHE) at regional/national levels and the further development of a common Quality Assurance framework. Stakeholders like AUN, the AQAFHE task force and national Quality Assurance bodies will benefit from a common approach generally endorsed by all involved, useful for guaranteeing and raising quality at regional level. This will also benefit students, by enhancing learning experiences, and exposing them to new opportunities and benefits created through exchange, and institutions, by building capacity and boosting their competitiveness and ability to respond.

In the field of QA a study will provide sound data regarding the different Quality Assurance cultures within ASEAN and the development of a common QA framework and identify challenges which need to be tackled.

Following this exploration of regional QA in ASEAN, a study tour for ASEAN policy makers and stakeholders aims at sharing EU and AEAN experiences and at establishing an ASEAN-EU expert as well as high-level policy dialogue. A joint ASEAN-European expert team Quality Assurance will meet on a regular basis to further develop the AQAFHE and produce respective guidelines, policy briefs and recommendations.

Future SHARE activities will focus on piloting and dissemination activities as well as on capacity development measures. Published guidelines for External Quality Assurance from agencies and Higher Education Institutions will be the subject of a regional conference, and disseminated during a series of (bi-) national workshops. The regional conference will define needs for capacity development and agree action plans for stakeholders in terms of subsequent dissemination at national level. Consecutively, good practice from ASEAN and EU will be shared, identifying needs for capacity-building and institutional support, including CLMV countries.

Furthermore, SHARE will pilot reviews for agencies and pilot assessments at institutional level, using revised AQAFHE principles and guidelines. The pilot QA reviews and assessments are complemented by training programmes for regional assessors and staff of national QA agencies. Synergies between 2b and 2a will be nurtured in the development of recommendations for aligning national QFs with AQRF, with the guidelines for operationalising the AQAFHE.

Within our partnership, DAAD is responsible for overall management of Result Areas 2b. ENQA will be mainly responsible for executing the review of agencies under 2b, will develop guidelines to operationalise the existing AQAFHE standards, for both QA agency reviews and for external institutional reviews, mapping their comparability and compatibility with similar regional frameworks (e.g. ESG).

SHARE supports the ASEAN Quality Assurance Network (AQAN), which has been granted the status of an official ASEAN body in 2016. AQAN has developed the ASEAN Quality Assurance Framework, or AQAF, which can be downloaded here.

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