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“Mobility is the most effective method to start the Higher Education harmonisation process within the ASEAN region.” – ASEAN Stakeholders

As student mobility plays an important role in the further internationalisation and harmonisation of higher education, one of SHARE’s components is a scholarship programme for intra-ASEAN and ASEAN-EU mobility to test the application of credit transfer systems (ACTS and AECTS). The SHARE partner, Nuffic, is implementing this scholarship programme through short-term (one semester) exchange of students with scholarships. Through 2016-2020, this has been done by providing approximately 500 scholarships. During the extension phase, SHARE will support 300 more students before the end of 2022.

The SHARE scholarship programme offers a fully-funded, one-semester exchange for undergraduate students from selected universities across the ASEAN region. In response to the current travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, SHARE is planning to initiate its first batch of virtual exchange under the SHARE scholarship. Although driven by the need to adapt to challenging times, this initiative will further enhance student mobility in the region by providing ASEAN Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with a platform to conduct virtual exchange. Due to the lower costs and fewer barriers to mobility associated with virtual exchange as opposed to physical student mobility, this would provide more opportunities for more students to participate in student mobility, increase internationalization at home (IAH), as well as become a complementary tool to physical student mobility once conditions return to normal.

More information regarding the SHARE Scholarship application process and timeline will be displayed on this website and the SHARE social media accounts once the application period is open.

Nuffic will also facilitate capacity-building workshops for universities that are willing to enhance their internationalisation process, student mobility, and the development of digital credential recognition in the region.

In the first phase of the SHARE program implementation, SHARE successfully partnered with 32 universities across 8 ASEAN countries. The following is the list of SHARE Partner Universities:


Frequently asked questions about the SHARE Scholarship, click here

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Student Mobility and Credit Transfer System (CTS)

“Student Mobility and Credit Transfer System in ASEAN: Mapping student mobility and credit transfer systems in ASEAN region” is a joint report by Campus France and Nuffic, commissioned under Result Area 3, Credit Transfer System and Student Mobility. This report identifies the actions which could be undertaken in the ASEAN region in order to enhance student mobility and to allow for the recognition of students’ study abroad period in the ASEAN region. The report is based on the results of a comprehensive mapping of mobility programmes and credit transfer systems in the ASEAN region and a joint survey by Campus France and Nuffic that highlighted the obstacles that restrain student mobility within ASEAN. The report also draws attention to the negative impact of the divergent credit transfer systems in the ASEAN region.

To download the report on Student Mobility and CTS please click here.

AECTS Platform


Joint ASEAN Student and Alumni Statement on Enhancing ASEAN Higher Education Area through Student and Alumni Networks

This Joint ASEAN Student and Alumni Statement on “Enhancing ASEAN Higher Education Area through Student and Alumni Networks” was developed during the Second SHARE Student Mobility and Alumni Workshop held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on August 6th and 7th, 2019. The statement reaffirms the students and alumni commitment to play a bigger role in promoting ASEAN awareness and to take part whether directly or indirectly, in policy-making processes in order that youths can express their views as part of building an ASEAN community, especially within the context of further internationalising Higher Education in the ASEAN region through active participation and involvement of student and alumni networks, in the interest of people-to-people connectivity and mobility at the governmental, institution and individual levels.

To download the Joint ASEAN Student and Alumni Statement please click here.

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