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AECTS Capacity Building Workshop for SHARE Universities

Date: 19-20 June 2019 Location: Manila, Philippines



This training event is part a series of capacity building workshops that aims to support universities participating in SHARE in their process of internationalisation. The AECTS capacity building workshop is a unique chance given to SHARE Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to further develop their institutional capacity in transferring credit with the support of SHARE mobility processes and online platform. AECTS processes and tools will be fully reviewed and illustrated by case studies from the fifth batch of SHARE scholarship awardees (batch 5).


This workshop is addressed to all 32 universities currently participating in SHARE and two representatives per HEI have been invited. SHARE universities are encouraged to send one representative from their International Relations Office (IRO) and one representative from their Academic Affairs Office. Please be note that participants are by invitation only.


For participants who are invited by SHARE, please download the financial form as follows:

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