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Building regional recognition to create more synergies – AECTS Capacity Building


Manila, 19-20 June 2019 - The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Philippines in coordination with European Union Support to Higher Education in the ASEAN region (SHARE) is pleased to conduct a two- day workshop of ASEAN EU Credit Transfer System Capacity building workshop for SHARE universities.

The workshop focuses on improving higher education institutions’ general knowledge and preparation of the ASEAN-EU Credit Transfer System (AECTS) for those institutions participating in SHARE.

The AECTS capacity-building workshop is a unique chance given to SHARE Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to further develop institutional capacity in credit transfer with the support of mobility processes and an online platform developed by SHARE. The AECTS processes and tools will be reviewed and illustrated through case studies.

This workshop is addressed to all 32 universities currently participating in SHARE over the last coupler of years. It brought together over 60 representatives from their International Relations (IRO) and Academic Affairs Offices who are already familiar with this mobility tool.

The link to download the programme booklet, photos, video and presentations are available as below

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