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SHARE Contributes to an Appreciation of Diversity in ASEAN Community


"The EU is proud to contribute to a people-centred ASEAN Community in the higher education area." EU Ambassador to ASEAN

The SHARE Programme is a timely effort to create HE harmonisation in the ASEAN region. It is one of the pioneer efforts in HE harmonisation at such an inclusive scale. The efforts and the initiatives of SHARE have been gaining traction and buy in from an increasing number of stakeholders. The programme design is holistic in nature and the different results areas have specific tasks and objectives that when come together provide tangible outputs and results towards achieving HE harmonisation in ASEAN.  

SHARE is starting to have an emerging impact in terms of specific contributions to an ASEAN higher education area, strengthening an ASEAN Socio-cultural community by promoting “cultural exchange”, “cultural understanding”, “cultural exposure” and “cultural sharing” and contributed to an ASEAN identity through student mobility programme. According to response on the impact an average 80% of students participating in scholarship programme are being able to articulate their understanding and appreciation of different ASEAN cultures.

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